martedì 16 febbraio 2016

I’ve tried to wear a corset under my clothes in everyday life. That’s what happened.

Hi.My name is Anna.I’m italian.
And I don’t know why I’m doing this.
That’s what I thought the 2nd day I put myself in a corset.And it wasn’t so simple.Especially for a plussize girl.
But let’s start from the beginning. 
The first thing to do is to buy the torture device…Pardon, the corset. 
Find one at a reasonable price and that fits wasn’t easy neither impossible: internet is the key! After two days of searching I finally found the perfect one on Amazon.
After 5 days the package with the brand new corset lies sinister in my hands while I thank the courier guy. I think I’ve spent at least two hours staring at the plastic bag trying to make up my mind to open it and release the red, silky, laced-up monster. 
When I finally unwrapped the lingerie item I was genuinely excited…It wasn’t so scary after all! 
But the things got rough when I tried to wear the corset…at least the first time you will need help because you have to adjust the ribbons on the back.
And if you are a size + you’ll definitely need to replace them because are too short and you cannot tie them.
When you finally got into this, and wrap yourself into the fabric you have to challenge with the hooks on the front. You have to squeeze your belly fat in multiple shapes trying to hook up the two fabric flaps. After several snorts, puffs and occasional profanity addressed to the maker of the corset/torture device…You finally got it and want to take a selfie of your unbelievable hourglass figure and you drop your phone…..SERIOUSLY?! Have you ever tried to pick up something wearing a f-word corset? It’s impossible and very risky. So you unhook the thing, pick up your phone, glue it on your hand, and start all over again….
So the 1st day is over. What now? You decide to try it in everyday life…Trying to figure out how women in past centuries have done this…
When you finally choose your outfit for the day you realize that the corset is not so underwear…
A white shirt it’s not a good idea. And you cannot wear a crop top or a short t-shirt either.

Pros and cons of wear a corset in everyday life:

1. Your back will thank you (especially if you suffer of backache)
2. When you sit your boobs are so squeezed up that you can barely breathe
3. Your belly is so caged that you eat like a bird (so much lady like)
4. Try to pick something up to floor it’s impossible and risky
5. You have a beautiful hourglass shape (Oh yeah!)
6. Incredibly it keeps you warm
7. You have to challenge with hooks
8. You can’t wear everything you want when you put yourself in it
9. Your movements are very limited
10. Now I understand the struggles of women of past centuries
Now I challenge you!
Wear a corset in everyday life it’s not so easy!
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